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Week 266

I spent the first half of last week writ­ing stuff for sev­er­al poten­tial projects that are in the pipeline for the end of 2014 and the begin­ning of 2015.

Kars was most­ly occu­pied with redesign­ing and pro­duc­ing stuff for KEGANI. The cur­rent title for the project is “Bycatch” which feels like it could be defin­i­tive. All three of us (Kars, myself and Sub­alekha) will be out in force at Play­ful in Lon­don next month and we would love to see you there. If you want to play the cur­rent ver­sion of KEGANI catch any one of us in either Berlin, Utrecht or Brooklyn.

On Wednes­day I trav­eled to Ams­ter­dam to pre­pare the first work­shop (project name KUMA) for KLM this week. That work­shop also the rea­son that these wee­knotes are a bit late. I did a tour of Ams­ter­dam on Thurs­day and caught up with peo­ple around the city.


On Fri­day we pre­pared some final stuff for KUMA and then went into Utrecht to catch a bit of Indi­go and Bring Your Own Beam­er.

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