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Week 297

This was a rel­a­tive­ly qui­et week. We made plans for the next sprint on SHACHI. Alper con­tin­ued his search for a Uni­ty devel­op­er to sup­port us on the same project. (Sug­ges­tions and appli­ca­tions welcome.)

I did some last-minute design work on BANKEN. Alper start­ed prepar­ing for his talk at Repub­li­ca next Tuesday.

Demoing Bycatch at New Gamegrounds

I went over to New Gamegrounds to demo Bycatch. I also played a fun and sil­ly game involv­ing waf­fles by our friend Dun­can Speak­man, and to attend a cou­ple of inter­est­ing talks on games and moral­i­ty. High­lights includ­ed David Nieborg, Pawel Miechowsky and Annette Mees.

We’re also con­tin­u­ing to plan the launch of Bycatch at TWO5SIX in a few weeks.

Final­ly, in case you missed it, I put up a tran­script of my Cre­ative Morn­ings talk on using games for learning.

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