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Week 249

This week’s focus was square­ly on our cel­e­bra­tion of Stand­ing’s launch at Media­mat­ic. While Alper and Simon put the final touch­es on a live dis­play show­ing all active stand­ing ses­sions around the world, I got the word out about the event on social media, coor­di­nat­ed with the event pro­duc­er and got a stream­ing set­up put […]

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Ignite Berlin on New Games and Wild Play

Before I went on my trip to Chi­na and Aus­tralia I had an Ignite to give here in Berlin. To do that I threw all of our think­ing of the past cou­ple of years on the floor (lit­er­al­ly because my post-its would­n’t stick to the wall behind me) and syn­the­sized it into some­thing that reflects […]

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Week 166–167

I was away on hol­i­day the pre­vi­ous week, so these notes on the week pri­or to that are a bit late. I’ll keep it short so we can get back into the rhythm of things. Most of the week my time went into admin­is­tra­tive things, busi­ness devel­op­ment and some legal stuff. Just basi­cal­ly me wearing […]

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My talk at Ignite Amsterdam 4

Here’s a selec­tion of the 20 pic­tures I showed at Ignite Ams­ter­dam 4, and the words I man­aged to cram into the 5 min­utes I had avail­able to me. It’s about some of the things that excite me, some of our recent work (most notably PLAY Pilots) and some of our new projects on the […]

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Some upcoming super-short talks

I’ve been invit­ed to give some short talks at two upcom­ing events. The first one is Ignite Ams­ter­dam 4 on Wednes­day 22 Decem­ber 2010 which is orga­nized by the good folk at Media­mat­ic. This edi­tion is devot­ed com­plete­ly to games as part of their Arcade pro­gram. I’ll prob­a­bly go into some of the recent things […]

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