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Week 245

Our collaboration with Subalekha (codenamed KEGANI) reached a milestone this week with the submission of a proposal to the Knight Foundation’s Prototype Fund. We talked through the draft proposal on Monday, made some final adjustments afterwards, and sent it in on Wednesday. It’s fingers crossed for now while we wait for a response.

I spent a day in Amsterdam on Tuesday, meeting with Monnik, having lunch at Open Coop and finally meeting at Mediamatic to discuss our plans for a Standing event during their Lightness exhibition.

Lunch at Open Coop

Speaking of which, I attended the Ignite which served as the opening event for Lightness on Wednesday. People demoed Ala Bandera, announced a full week’s investigation into soap bubbles and Dirk talked about ludic acts of resistance as a teaser for our thing on Ascension Day (watch this space).

Flag Aerobics / Ala Bandera demo at Mediamatic Fabriek

Work on Standing continues at a slow but steady pace. We were rejected by Apple on Thursday and proceeded to make the necessary adjustments to the app. I also fiddled with the website, which really truly is nearly there, now.

On Thursday, I headed to Dutch Game Garden to celebrate the launch of Bezircle, which is made by Ludomotion—associate Joris Dormans‘s indie game studio. Bezircle is a quirky tactical action game with super easy one-touch controls, particularly fun for local multiplayer sessions.

I ended the week by drinking “vandeStreek” beers and playing Bang! at the monthly Bierclub. Alper, meanwhile, dove into the social circuit around ThingsCon and on Sunday attended an event on theatre and games.

Playing Bang! at Vechtclub XL Bierclub

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