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Week 285

The best news last week was the go-ahead on SHACHI. We’re excited to start work on that in the new week.

Work on the next version of Camparc has started for the STRP biennal.

Kars ran a workshop at Berenschot together with Jeroen van Mastright. As research for the workshop I looked to find dilemmas in games and had a harder time than I at first would have thought. This scene from the Walking Dead is a classic example but many other large scale games are somewhat dilemma free.

For KLM Kars prepared copy and sent the work by Hedgefield to the client for feedback.

I talked with Sebastian Quack about the Playful Commons project. I also met Güven Çatak of the BUG Game Lab at Istanbul Bahçeşehir University.

Kars wrote this highly necessary post of what it exactly is that we mean when we say “playful design” and why that is an important way of looking at design.

We had very stimulating update calls with our associates Sebastian and Ianus as well this week.

Today's office

Because we are in between offices in Berlin I am now temporarily residing in the Rainmaking Loft. It’s a fun and interesting change of scene though I haven’t found a place in the area yet where I want to have lunch a second time.

We’re exploring separating shipping costs from Bycatch‘s current price so we can recoup the money we lose on international shipping (so get it now while it still includes shipping!). We’re also going to repackage the game to fix a minor printing error.

Bycatch on display in Vechtclub XL

You can now see the game on display at the Vechtclub XL.

I demonstrated Bycatch at the tabletop game designers meetup here in Berlin’s Spielwiese game cafe and left behind a copy there for interested people to try out. I gave an interview for the Dutch Design magazine dude about my career in design with a heavy focus on Bycatch.

On Friday evening I met Marcus Richter and Dennis Kogel of Superlevel to record a podcast about Bycatch where I talked about the game, explained it and played it with my co-hosts in German. I look forward to listening to the result.

Next Tuesday I will be talking at IXDS’s pre-work talks about designing for Bycatch and privacy.

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