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Week 290

We finished sprints on two projects this week.

For Camparc Mark II, Aldo and Arnaud pushed hard to get a release candidate ready. Lots of hardware tweaks were made and development on the Oculus Rift software was done. In the meantime I focused on some final production details, such as making sure we have plenty of 4G SIMs on hand to burn through when we start streaming during STRP.

Tim, Alper and I worked to get the alpha for SHACHI done. Most of the week was taken up by tweaks, bug fixes and other kinds of polish. In the meantime we are starting making plans for a first playtest, and the subsequent two sprints on the beta.

Aside from those two sprint endings, we also worked on two consultancy projects.

I lead two sketching sessions on BANKEN, banging out ideas for specific playful interactions which will be part of the interactive video. In the meantime another part of the team shot some rough video, which we will use to develop a prototype in the next few weeks.

Alper worked together with Marius Mörders in Berlin on some nice concept visualisations for SHIJIMI. After one more iteration those will be ready for a presentation next week. In the meantime I prepared a talk on moving from gamification to playful design, which we will deliver alongside the concept.

And aside from this, I visited Leiden University to review critical game prototypes made by humanities students who have the great fortune to be taught by Joris. I blogged highlights from Play Matters, Alper visited the boardgame designers meetup at Spielwiese again, and I’ve heard rumours of an impending Cuppings user interface overhaul…

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