Week 314

This week’s big project was finishing a second version of the KOKORO prototype.

Alper and I spent a couple of days writing javascript, html and sass, as well as good old copy. By Friday we had managed to complete most of the items in our backlog, and were quite satisfied with the result. Next up is demoing the results to the client.

Earlier in the week the Free Birds team convened for a sprint retrospective, and to plan the next sprint. It was the first time we did a proper retrospective and I was pleased with the amount of valuable process improvements it yielded. The results of the planning session were approved by the client soon after, so we’re all set for another sprint this week and the next.

On the Bycatch front, Alper emptied his stock by fulfilling the last of the bump in sales we got after the XOXO announcements. And I did some work on our website and shopping cart so that it would also accept PayPal.

Finally, for TEDASUKE, we processed some final bits of feedback on the mockups we’d delivered the week before, and we made a plan for how to go about the final deliverable, a spec and a budget.

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