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Week 216

Last week was busy again with us plan­ning the last quar­ter of the year. 2013 will be over before we know it and we’re going to make the best of it.

The Cup­pings cof­fee tast­ing games is pro­ceed­ing excel­lent­ly. The game has received an updat­ed lay­out and is being pushed out to be test­ed at select cof­fee stores right now. All tests (me, Kars) that we per­formed in Utrecht and Berlin show us that the game is inter­est­ing to play and hits its goal of get­ting you to think more deeply about the taste of coffee.

Cuppings game is nearly ready for public consumption

We did some explorato­ry think­ing for and talk­ing with prospec­tive clients. It’s nice to be able to cre­ate a bunch of stuff that used to be sci­ence-fic­tion a cou­ple of years ago but that sounds total­ly accept­able right now.

We also pre­pared our ideas for a games based brief next week at the RCA in London.

AJI is near­ing a release right now where the game should be ful­ly styled and playable. Look for that prob­a­bly not this week but some­where in October.

We are prepar­ing the next sprint for Beesten­bende and work on ASARI is near­ing its con­clu­sion and hav­ing seen the results I can’t wait to share that with you.

Kars also made a ver­sion of the Rip­ple Effect video where he nar­rates the game and its main fea­tures. If you had­n’t seen it yet, we would sug­gest to take a look at it now.

On Fri­day I attend­ed the break­fast here in Berlin which could have been more inter­est­ing if it did­n’t focus sole­ly on the inter­ests of the large casu­al games mak­ers here. Still, it’s immense­ly valu­able that the city is rec­og­niz­ing games mak­ers and hold­ing these kind of events for us. sit down network breakfast

We end­ed the week with a games night at the Utrecht stu­dio where Kars host­ed a ses­sion of Fias­co and I went off into the Bran­den­burg coun­try side to play with some actu­al pigs.


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