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Week 192

Last week was the last week we had to fin­ish the Rip­ple Effect pilot. As I write this, the game’s been run­ning for lit­tle over a day and has just under two weeks left before ending.

So we man­aged to get it out the door. The process con­sist­ed of an accel­er­at­ed playthrough with the team ear­ly in the week. We made a list of final issues and sub­se­quent­ly fixed those. Then we deployed the game and did a tri­al run of ini­tial­iz­ing it. We had our con­tacts at the client end play through it, get­ting anoth­er list of issues as a result. Wefix­ing those as well and final­ly ini­tial­ized the game for real. Invites were sent out to the 90+ pilot play­ers. On Sun­day just after mid­night I was babysit­ting the game as it rolled over to live­ness and I wit­nessed the first play­er actions com­ing in from across the globe.

Flipped the switch on the Ripple Effect pilot. 90+ players putting our game through the motions for two weeks. #kaigara

The fact that we pulled this off at such a tight sched­ule with what is by all mea­sures a great result is a tes­ta­ment to the won­der­ful team work­ing on this, as well as the folks at the client end who are amaz­ing­ly swift at mak­ing deci­sions and respond­ing to our questions.

While I was being a dull boy this week, for­go­ing dis­trac­tions as much as pos­si­ble, Alper did man­age to squeeze in some extracuric­u­lar activ­i­ties, as is his peri­patet­ic nature. He played games—amongst them the awe­some Samu­rai Gunn—at the local mul­ti­play­er game pic­nic host­ed by A MAZE. He also par­tic­i­pat­ed in the gam­i­fi­ca­tion work­shop at CHI orga­nized by friend of the stu­dio Sebas­t­ian Deter­d­ing. Alper tells me he’ll blog a bit about both expe­ri­ences, either here or elsewhere—probably in a Recess!.

Our session room in designing gamification looks like a birthday party exploded there. Brilliant!

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