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Week 195

Last week we were busy eval­u­at­ing KAIGARA post-pilot infor­ma­tion and sketch­ing out a course to devel­op the final game. We received tons of play­er input, client input and we came up with a bunch of ideas of our own to improve the game. We’re right now busy agree­ing on a coher­ent plan from that set that best accom­plish­es all of the goals for the game. The KAIGARA team got rein­forced with the pro­duc­tion skills of Dylan Nagel. Dylan got off to a sol­id start by school­ing Kars on SCRUM best practices.

Vic­to­ry Boo­gie Woo­gie devel­op­ment is reach­ing its apex and the game and sto­ry are hurtling towards their inevitable con­clu­sion. Lots of inter­est­ing stuff to read there and still not too late to jump in and write.

Besides doing our in-house pro­duc­tion work, we have a par­al­lel pipeline of con­sult­ing. FURAPPA has just wrapped up and we’re busy ramp­ing up the fol­low­ing engage­ments (with star­tups and in Dutch broad­cast­ing). Con­sult­ing is refresh­ing­ly dif­fer­ent from what we nor­mal­ly do. We don’t have the lux­u­ry to be present at all stages of devel­op­ment, but that also gives us the free­dom and cre­ative license to focus sole­ly on the con­cept and deliv­er inter­est­ing­ness. And if need be we can always back up these con­cepts with game design, pro­to­types and full development.

I set­tled in over at KANT Berlin and got myself a nice lit­tle desk on wheels:

Upgraded to a small-ish roller desk

Kars was also present at What Design Can Do last week to par­tic­i­pate in a closed ses­sion on social design. The ses­sion was taped and will be pub­lished (quick­ly, I hope).

Our Utrecht stu­dio res­i­dent Sander van der Vegte launched his traf­fic sys­tems gen­er­a­tor Cty last week as well. Very nice and pro­ce­dur­al gen­er­a­tion of land­scapes in Uni­ty seems to be a thing at the moment (see also this write-up about Sir, You Are Being Hunt­ed).

Anoth­er launch last week which we attend­ed was Reus a beau­ti­ful game about a giant:

At the Reus launch

And that’s that. Back to development.

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