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Week 224

Mon­day Kars prepped a KAZUNOKO ses­sion with some games to play both to serve as an ice­break­er and to show the breadth of expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble in games. For this the clas­sic This Is My Nose and the card game Sco­pa proved to be a great fit. If you have nev­er played This Is My Nose yet, grab some­body and try it out right now with these rules.

The new Hangouts look much better but still are a pain to setup

I spent the day in admin­is­tra­tion and work­ing on Beesten­bende (which will be a com­mon theme for the rest of the week). That evening I attend­ed Talk and Play a nice game cen­tric event orga­nized in Berlin by Loren­zo Pil­ia and played a lot of games (Omi­cron, SwapQuest and many oth­ers) that are in devel­op­ment or just out.


Tues­day Kars went to the client togeth­er with Niels and got back with a huge pack­et of infor­ma­tion about the future of Dutch health­care. The rest of that day he was in errands and I was in contracts.

Wednes­day we kicked off CHUTORO with a client call and start­ed prepar­ing Beesten­bende for deliv­ery. I got my Håg chair deliv­ered which is turn­ing into a Hub­bub stan­dard issue. On Thurs­day we shipped Beesten­bende which always takes more time than expected.

Upgraded the desk a bit further

On Fri­day we were deep into con­tracts and agree­ments again and Kars received a group of stu­dents from the Hogeschool Utrecht and told them about play. I pub­lished the video edit that we made of our ses­sion at the Mozil­la Festival.

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