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Week 312

The big focus this week was once again Free Birds, our iBea­con-enabled muse­um game app for fam­i­lies, about free­dom. Alper con­tin­ued devel­op­ment, Tim worked on art and UI, and I did a lot of build­ing and test­ing, and pro­duc­tion-type stuff.

On TEDASUKE, I got every­thing ready for brief­ing Simon on Fri­day, who will help us out with some visu­al design. This main­ly con­sist­ed of fin­ish­ing wireframes.

And final­ly, on KOKORO, I took some time to think through some of the more com­pli­cat­ed parts of what need to build, and came up with lots of ques­tions for the client. Once we have those answered, we can con­tin­ue design and development.

So yeah, very much a heads-down kind of week, with at least a cou­ple more of those in the imme­di­ate future. Onwards.

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