Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 217

Alper start­ed last week putting the final touch­es on the code‑y bits behind a Tum­blr we set up to cap­ture a part of the things that pass through Hub­bub’s semi-closed stu­dio chat channel.

Mean­while, I did some work on a Pro­cess­ing sketch that would help Simon with the art for the playable info­graph­ics we’re mak­ing for ASARI. In stead of assum­ing a cer­tain amount of data could be rep­re­sent­ed visu­al­ly, I did a small soft­ware exper­i­ment to make sure it would be.

On Tues­day, I wrote up our brief for the work we’ll be doing with IED stu­dents at the RCA this week. It is titled “A Free-to-Play World”. We’ll prob­a­bly share some of it as well as work from the stu­dents at a lat­er date.

(And yes, this means myself and Alper will be in Lon­don. We’ll be there all week start­ing tomor­row. Look for us at Play­ful and Mozil­la Fes­ti­val.)

I also appeared on Dutch nation­al radio togeth­er with Irene to talk about Pig Chase. The project, which is over two years old now, is receiv­ing atten­tion again due to its inclu­sion in the Agri Meets Design exhi­bi­tion at Dutch Design Week.

In the studio

Mean­while Alper put work into the lec­ture we’ll deliv­er at the RCA. It will be a mix­ture of talk­ing about the mak­ing of sev­er­al Hub­bub projects, as well as a dis­cus­sion of some of the themes we’re cur­rent­ly inter­est­ed in, which I’ll sum­ma­rize off the cuff as social jus­tice in the new new econ­o­my.

On Wednes­day Alper got start­ed with the iPad mini ver­sion of Beesten­bende. He con­vert­ed the cur­rent app, which is made for iPod/iPhone to an iPad project.

The next day Simon and I kicked off our work on the same project by vis­it­ing the muse­um to play the cur­rent ver­sion of the game. Simon was new to the game so we fig­ured this would be the best intro­duc­tion. We made notes of things we would do dif­fer­ent­ly on the iPad and then returned to the stu­dio to sketch out the new app.

That same day we also did a deliv­ery of art­work for the ASARI playable infographics.

The rest of the week was tak­en up with more prepa­ra­tion for our vis­it to the RCA and work on Beestenbende.

Over the week­end, Alper spent some time fid­dling with Cup­pings and AJI.

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