Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 258

The stu­dio is on a bit of a sum­mer sched­ule with one prin­ci­pal gone on hol­i­day and me fin­ish­ing things before I go on mine. Most of my time has been spent doing main­te­nance on exist­ing projects, mov­ing for­ward new ones and lots of social calls for lunch/dinner/coffee.

Two cur­rent projects did see sig­nif­i­cant progress:

Aldo built a hard­ware pro­to­type for FUNKOROGASHI that val­i­dates our assump­tions about what is pos­si­ble. The video of the pro­to­type in action looked like a prop­er tech­ni­cal break­through. When we have this at scale this is going to be quite something.

We pushed out an update release for the Cup­pings guide which is in the App Store already. There’s some fea­tures in there for peo­ple with­out loca­tion ser­vices and a lot of new cafes that our team has vetted.

I end­ed the week proof­ing Kars’s chap­ter for The Game­ful World book by the MIT Press. I was hap­py to find that we had proofed it well already but the final ver­sion is beau­ti­ful and well worth the wait.

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