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Week 276

Last week we fin­ished a lot of stuff which is real­ly nice.

Talk and Play

Bycatch is now ready to print thanks to the efforts of Kars and Ties. I pre­sent­ed about the con­cept at Talk and Play and did an impromp­tu playtest both of which were very well received. We’re now plan­ning how to tell peo­ple about our game in the fol­low­ing months when it becomes avail­able. If you’re read­ing this you should go pre­order your copy and help spread the word.

Stand­ing’s visu­al­ly updat­ed app is now in the app store review process and will hope­ful­ly make it through before the Christ­mas break. We fixed some last minute things and went over it once more and found that it was ready.

It turns out that the diver­si­fi­ca­tion of iPhone sizes com­pli­cates things a lot. That is the rea­son why Cup­pings still isn’t opti­mized for the newest iPhones yet, but we are get­ting there. We are hap­py to report though that sales on Cup­pings are brisker than ever.

The Game­ful World book is now on the MIT Press web­site and it looks like it’ll be released this year yet.

I ran around Berlin to talk to lots of peo­ple and look for an inter­im office solution.

Kars pre­pared a pitch for the Dutch Muse­ums Asso­ci­a­tion for a game to let chil­dren expe­ri­ence free­dom and the lack there­of. This should be pret­ty awe­some if it gets made.

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