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Week 287

A week in which we got a lot of things done.

KUMA is near­ing com­ple­tion with anoth­er round of mock­ups run by the client. Aldo is mak­ing steady progress on the next ver­sion of Cam­parc. We are going to do an ear­ly con­cept explo­ration for SHIJIMI about games in urban development.

Most of my time went into a muse­um game we’re design­ing code­named SHACHI. We are find­ing our feet in Uni­ty and play­ing around with bea­cons right now. We’ll jump into devel­op­ment in earnest this week. I have got­ten into the habit of shoot­ing a video of the day’s find­ings with my S100. This is an easy high-fideli­ty way to share the design progress.

I also wrote a piece on why we are using Uni­ty for this project and why we think it’s an impor­tant design tool.

Bycatch had a qui­et week while we pre­pare to launch it.

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