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Week 288

I was joined by Alper in the Utrecht stu­dio again this week. With all that’s going on in NL at the moment it’s nice to have him on site a lit­tle more frequently.

One of the things we did was start the sec­ond sprint on SHACHI. Alper and Tim worked togeth­er on the alpha ver­sion of the game with some guid­ance from me. It involved a lot of tweak­ing of our pro­to­typ­ing set­up in Uni­ty, which was con­ve­nient to do while co-present. For the remain­der of the sprint they will try to con­vert my very sim­ple phys­i­cal pro­to­type into some­thing dig­i­tal. We will iter­ate from there. In addi­tion, art styles were explored and iBea­cons were select­ed and purchased.

Prototyping Home Rule

I was present at the kick-off of project BANKEN with the client and the rest of the team, which is col­lec­tion of dif­fer­ent small com­pa­nies each spe­cial­is­ing in a part of the prod­uct. Hub­bub is con­sult­ing on this. We’ll be doing some design direc­tion and some pro­to­typ­ing. Lat­er in the week I did some think­ing about how to best approach this.

I did some copy writ­ing for Cam­parc Mark II and I head­ed over to Aldo’s work­shop on Fri­day to review the penul­ti­mate sprint. I got to admire more nifty 3D print­ed parts, such as the tape cable pro­tec­tor below.

Tape cable protector part

Alper, Lekha and I dis­cussed Bycatch’s pric­ing at length. After much tweak­ing of a spread­sheet we were suit­ably fried but we had deter­mined a course for­ward. We also reviewed a sto­ry­board for a pro­mo­tion­al video. Once we have that in hand, we’ll be in a good place to offi­cial­ly launch.

Oth­er project work includ­ed Alper doing some think­ing about SHI­JIM­I’s con­cept visu­al­i­sa­tion, and us deliv­er­ing the final batch of KUMA mock­ups to the client.

On the peo­ple front, we had a long over­due chat with Joris, catch­ing up on our work and explor­ing things we might do in the com­ing peri­od. Arjen also dropped by to share his expe­ri­ences at Knutepunkt.

And final­ly, I blogged a review of Play Mat­ters and we were very pleased with a com­pre­hen­sive item on Deutsch­landra­dio Kul­tur about Bycatch.

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