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Week 296

I was in the Nether­lands last week to fin­ish the first beta of SHACHI. The three of us (Kars, myself and Hedge­field) went to the Air­borne Muse­um in Oost­er­beek on Wednes­day to playtest it. Playtests are absolute­ly essen­tial to val­i­date both for us and our clients that what we are doing is going in the right direc­tion. We had three times two kids play our game and we got pos­i­tive results with also enough room for improve­ment. We’ll be busy design­ing and imple­ment­ing a new ver­sion in the next weeks.

Kars eval­u­at­ed Cam­parc Mk II over at STRP and dis­cussed the future of the project. He also con­tributed more design and project sup­port on BANKEN.

I took a train back to Berlin at the end of the week to catch the tail end of A MAZE. I played Bycatch with some peo­ple there.

Playing Bycatch at A MAZE

Kars’s talk at Cre­ative Morn­ings Utrecht has been pub­lished which is an excel­lent overview of learn­ing, play and games and pro­duc­tive ways to think about them. A write-up of the talk is forth­com­ing but you can watch the video below already.

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