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Week 293

Last week Kars did lots of work on BANKEN cre­at­ing among oth­er things a pro­to­type in Mar­vel of the inter­ac­tive video. Based on pre­lim­i­nary results that seems to be con­sol­i­dat­ing the design for the project.

Kars briefed the peo­ple from Hack­ing Habi­tat how they can run our work­shop for­mat Play­ing with Rules at their first life hack marathon. Hack­ing Habi­tat is an incred­i­bly ambi­tious event about sys­tems and soci­ety and we’re proud that they want to do this.

My desk

I spent the entire Mon­day mov­ing my stuff out of stor­age and into my new office. It took part of the next day as well but KANT 2.0 is final­ly up and run­ning. I’ll be work­ing back on Oranien­straße at the Auf­bau Haus, a build­ing teem­ing with orga­ni­za­tions and hap­pen­ings. We share a fair­ly large space with our friends of Syspons and on a clear day we have a view on the Fernse­hturm.

The rest of the week Hedge­field and I spent sketch­ing the new direc­tion of SHACHI with sup­port from Kars (who was oth­er­wies tied up with BANKEN). We are under­tak­ing a fair­ly ambi­tious piv­ot of the con­cept but we think that the end result is going to be worth it. By the end of the (short) week we had some­thing that we think we can imple­ment dur­ing the rest of the sprint.

Bycatch was played dur­ing the Apple tv show OMT LIVE about pri­va­cy thanks to our Ianus Keller and Hans de Zwart. You can see them enact­ing a sur­veil­lance action over on the VOD.

The pro­file that dude, the Dutch design­ers’ mag­a­zine wrote up on my colour­ful career as an engineer/designer came out. It was prompt­ed by Bycatch but it hap­pens to treat most of the stuff I’ve done at Hub­bub over the past half decade. I haven’t had the phys­i­cal thing in my hands yet but friends say it is great. I’d like to thank Vive­ka van de Vli­et and Antony Soj­ka for work­ing with me on this. Here’s a pic­ture of the first spread.

Dude profile 1

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