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Week 324–325

Rolling two weeks into one for these notes, ‘because reasons.’

We com­plet­ed what is offi­cial­ly the last sprint on Free Birds, get­ting every­thing in ship shape. We now have a ‘gold mas­ter’ sit­ting ready for release, which will hap­pen at the clien­t’s ear­li­est convenience.

On project HENDO, we mapped State of Flux’s cur­rent process so that we have a com­mon point of ref­er­ence. Once we get this wrapped up we can move on to the next step, which is trans­lat­ing this process map into game mechanics.

A new small con­sul­tan­cy gig (code­named NAMI) took off as well. I am help­ing out Tin­ker Imag­i­neers with design con­cepts for an onboard­ing game app they are mak­ing for a com­pa­ny in the semi­con­duc­tor indus­try. It’s most­ly me drop­ping by their stu­dio a few times a week to go over their progress and offer insights from my expe­ri­ence mak­ing sim­i­lar things.

I pub­lished my write-up of a short lec­ture on how to shift the con­ver­sa­tion from gam­i­fi­ca­tion to play­ful design.

And final­ly, Alper received good news with regards to his Inter­ac­tion 16 pro­pos­al. He’ll be in Helsin­ki in the new year to share his expe­ri­ences pro­to­typ­ing and build­ing con­ver­sa­tion­al user interfaces.

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