Talking about Code 4 at Chi Sparks

Our long­time col­lab­or­ator Alper Çuğun will be at Chi Nederland’s bi-annual con­fer­ence to talk about Code 4 (formerly referred to as Maguro). Code 4 is a per­vas­ive game we cre­ated for the Dutch Tax Administration with the aim of ignit­ing organ­iz­a­tional change.

Chi Sparks is a con­fer­ence that focusses on “the very import­ant con­tri­bu­tions that good HCI research makes in real­iz­ing suc­cess­ful, innov­at­ive, new products or ser­vices that have a genu­ine impact on people’s lives.”

I think with Code 4 we man­aged to have a real impact on the organ­iz­a­tion and its employ­ees. So I am pleased we can share our work with peers in the HCI community.

Below is the abstract. There’s a few more inter­est­ing ses­sions on games and play that we are part of. Get your tick­ets fast, early bird regis­tra­tion ends June 6.

Promoting organ­iz­a­tional change within large gov­ern­ment bod­ies remains an elu­sive goal. The game Code 4 was developed to cre­ate a coher­ent fully mixed media approach to eli­cit­ing organ­iz­a­tional change effects by employ­ing employ­ees as the primary act­ors (play­ers) in a game. The Code 4 game was set in an ana­log­ous world but with a clear cause to action in a dystopic fin­an­cial crisis and with rules that mirrored but also sub­ver­ted exist­ing bur­eau­crat­ical pro­cesses. The game­play rewar­ded suc­cess­ful col­lab­or­a­tion without regard for the organ­iz­a­tional frame­work. Results indic­ate that many play­ers were wholly engaged with both the core game as with the sup­port­ing encoun­ters and that the trans­fer­ral of game effects was suc­cess­ful. Employing a game for organ­iz­a­tional change has proved itself to be a valid approach.

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