Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 126

In 2010 I kept weeknotes at Leapfroglog. I did not continue those in 2011, but I feel like taking up the habit again this year. It’s a nice and easy way to keep a log of what’s going on, and I’m kind of sad I don’t have one for the past year, since that’s been kind of transitional. Now that most if not all of my work has folded into Hubbub, I’ll continue posting here.

This is week 126 of Hubbub’s public existence, since first mention of it in a blog post on Leapfroglog.

After a rather quiet first workday of the year mostly involving rather uninteresting administrative duties, things kicked off properly on Tuesday. I sat down and wrote texts for the Tweetakt festival guide, about the games I’ve selected for the playful exhibition. I think I’ll keep these to myself for now, but I can say things will be quite different from last year, with lots of multiplayer options, and interestingly enough many more screen-based games (hadn’t planned for that).

On Wednesday I mainly occupied myself with work on my talk for Noorderslag next week, and also a little bit of work on my talk for LIFT (which I thankfully have a bit more time for).

Yesterday (Thursday) I was joined by Karel to work on Galaxy Tours, the game heretofore codenamed Iruka that we’re making for Noordhoff about astronomy. It’s a team-based boardgame that can be used in the classroom to substitute for a traditional lecture. We’re nearing the finish line on this one, just a few final game design issues resulting from a playtest that need to be taken care of, plus some polish on the graphic design and we can deliver it to the client.

I also met with the Universiteitsmuseum (the Utrecht University’s local science museum) to discuss planning of Saba, a game we’re making for families visiting the museum. The project team for this, consisting of Karel, Hanne and Alper, will kick off next week. I’ve also interviewed a possible candidate for production assistance on this project, as I could use some help with planning, monitoring and logistics.

Today I was planning to work with Tim on Hamachi (a party game we’ll self-publish), but he has fallen ill so we’re postponing that for the moment.

In stead, I will make use of the extra time to put some more thought in my Noorderslag talk.

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