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Week 140

Work on Saba con­tin­ued apace this week. We have one more week to go before the next playtest. So Hanne did some final adjust­ments on copy and Karel pro­duced the last bits of art need­ed for the final stages of the game. I’ve been spend­ing most of my time inte­grat­ing all of that in the […]

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Week 132–133

I’m writ­ing this on a train from Gene­va. It’s been two crazy weeks which explains for the lack of notes for a while. The big thing these past weeks was the first prop­er playtest for Saba. Week 132 was tak­en up by prepa­ra­tions, with Hanne and Karel devel­op­ing a sce­nario and build­ing a paper pro­to­type. I […]

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Week 131

It’s been very much a heads-down week. We start­ed with a bit of a crunch on the game design and art style for Saba. Karel did a great job on a num­ber of sketch­es that show how we intend to make the cab­i­net of curiosi­ties we’re design­ing for come to life, while at the same […]

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Week 126

In 2010 I kept wee­knotes at Leapfroglog. I did not con­tin­ue those in 2011, but I feel like tak­ing up the habit again this year. It’s a nice and easy way to keep a log of what’s going on, and I’m kind of sad I don’t have one for the past year, since that’s been […]

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A look back on 2011

It’s almost time to close shop for the hol­i­days so I thought I’d do a final post. Here’s a month-by-month look back at some of the major things that hap­pened at Hub­bub in 2011 with links to rel­e­vant posts and such in case you missed it the first time around. Jan­u­ary – We start development […]

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