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Week 136

I’m writing these notes while outside spring seems to have seriously kicked in. It’s nice and sunny. Which is perfect timing, since Tweetakt Festival has started. Its pavilion, adorned with southern-european style lights, has descended on Neude square. The games I’ve curated are all set in their respective greenhouses. So I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of people play in the coming 10 days.

Longing to go outside

On the project front, here’s what happened this week:

  • Saba: we’ve started integrating art and copy into code. Alper has been sending out the first prototypes through TestFlight. They’re quite rough still, but progress is good. We also spent some time looking at where we might want to use sound. We’ll do this sparingly as it’s a museum game and we don’t want to disturb non-players too much, but some non-visual feedback is welcome. Finally, plans for a second playtest in two weeks have been made.
  • Buta: I put finishing touches on a new set of blog posts, which also includes a bit of video shot during field experiments. Hein helped us out with adding subtitles and some color correction. We’ll probably start publishing these next week. We’re also getting close to completing the team for production of a playable prototype, so hopefully we’ll manage to kick that off in a week or two.
  • A new project, Kani, which is related to healthcare, kicked off today. So I spent some time preparing for that. Reading some research sent to us by the client, thinking about questions we might ask folks we’ll be interviewing, writing up some preliminary thoughts on how games might help, that sort of thing.

On the studio front, I purchased two pieces of art from the brilliant Joost Stokhof, which I first spotted when it was on display in The Village. So now I have some cyclists, and Bill Murray stealing a bike on the walls. Rolling curtains also arrived, so we’re all set for summer.

And with that, I’m hitting publish and heading outside to play some games and sit in the sun on the Neude before the Tweetakt opening show starts. Have a great weekend.

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