Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 159

Last week included several causes for celebration.

First of all, although mostly a formality, Beestenbende has been signed off on by the client. We’re really pleased with how the game has turned out so we can’t wait for the first families to give it a go in the museum. With development finished we have been furiously planning production of PR materials which should happen over the coming weeks.

Second, we managed to connect the final dots on Pig Chase’s playable prototype. On Friday I was happily playing around with the iPad app, moving around a dot on what we’ve affectionately come to call the “pig client”. That’s still set up in the studio now, but will be moved into a pig pen soonish. The best part is that we now can start tuning the video stream and the communication between the pig and human clients. Tuning is an important part of interaction design. A big challenge in any project is getting to the point where you can start “turning the knobs”. We’ve now reached that point on Buta, so hooray!


Those make two good reasons to open a bottle of champagne, I guess.

Finally, in parallel to our project work, we’ve been dedicating some time to further articulating a format for a design workshop. It’s aimed at helping organizations identify and develop opportunities in gameful design.1 I’m quite excited about this because I think we have the people and the experience to really offer a unique perspective on the topic. (Of course, if this sounds like something that might be of use to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.)

Sales pitch off. Bring on week 160.

  1. I know, I know, yet another buzzword. But this paper (PDF) makes a good case for ditching gamification and going with gameful design when it comes to the things we typically do. []
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