Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 236

Last week was another week working full throttle on AJI which has now been given an official name and domain (to be announced shortly). We setup a scrum list for the week and started working through that and we think that with the current velocity we should be able to show stuff in 1-2 sprints. I kept working on the app while Kars worked on tidying up our web presence a bit and we got external help in from our brother in arms Simon.

Kars was meanwhile also preparing some lectures, one to be given in Leiden, one at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and another at the Playful Design course by Miguel Sicart at ITU in Copenhagen next month.

Meanwhile the guys from Tupil moved into the Utrecht space which we will be sharing with them. I visited the fifth Talk and Play organized by Lorenzo which sparked some interesting discussions about game jams thanks to Sjors’s presentation about it.


Then I left for Oslo on Friday to spend my weekend there drinking coffee for this app we made and that was a week.

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