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Week 268

After a false start on Monday due to a lingering head cold I was back in action on Tuesday. We made good progress this week on KUMA (our project with KLM on game-based learning) and on Bycatch (our card game about drones surveillance and remote warfare).

Let’s start with KUMA. We processed the outcomes of the first workshop and delivered them in the form of a brief. We then moved on to preparing for the second workshop, which focused on creating a portfolio of concepts. To this end, Alper flew in on Wednesday to work with me in the studio for the remainder of the week.

We called in the help from Agnes to do live illustrations. This turned out to add real value. They provide an immediate visual anchor point for each idea and add an additional dimension to descriptions, making it easier to empathise.

Sebastian is also contributing to the project with his considerable knowledge and experience in the subject. We had a very useful conference call on Wednesday and he sent us some useful last-minute input before the workshop, despite it being a holiday in Tel Aviv, his temporary place of residence.

So after ample preparation we ran a second pleasant and productive session from one of the neat workshop spaces in Vechtclub XL with catering from De Klub, which is hard to beat. Afterwards we immediately sent out the raw output to the client (a benefit of working completely analog and recording everything that is decided on paper).

Reference images for a game design workshop

On to the Bycatch front. I also talked to Agnes about a first round of illustrations for the cards which we can show at Playful. I also talked to Ties about getting some offers from printers and getting his help on graphic design. Other than this, we discussed the state of the project in another call with Subalekha and we started setting up a website for the game with Stripe Checkout built in to take pre-orders.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Alper also finished up our application for a grant from Creative Industries Fund to do a first round of design work on All-Seeing Eye (a game about camera surveillance we’re working on with Bits of Freedom). Alper also started preparing a few design workshops he’ll be running with a Berlin-based startup and he made plans for a workshop we’ll be running at ThingsCon Amsterdam. Phew!

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