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Week 151

I guess this was one of those weeks that is typ­i­cal of work dur­ing sum­mer. Which is to say: we made some attempts at tying up loose ends on run­ning projects and put some effort into start­ing up new ones but oth­er than that not much of any­thing got done.

I met up again with Dirk and Lies­beth again on Mon­day. This once again took place at the love­ly offices of De Groene Ams­ter­dammer, prob­a­bly my favorite Dutch print news pub­li­ca­tion in NL, and the new home of De Gids since April of this year. We were joined by Gids edi­tors Arjen Mul­der and Dirk van Weelden. Yes, anoth­er Dirk so to keep things sim­ple I will refer to them as Dirk Jr. and Dirk Sr. We talked about the rough plan­ning we had come up with on the Fri­day before, and also drew up a long list of writ­ers who might make good collaborators.

On Tues­day we played a game of Cer­e­mo­ny of Sur­prise with Dutch Game Gar­den res­i­dents. As usu­al we had fun, even though it was kind of weird to run it in the mid­dle of the day. The game ends with every­thing set for a par­ty. To have to go back to work at that point takes some effort. This was also a try-out of sorts for run­ning the game at Indi­go so sev­er­al of the even­t’s orga­niz­ers were present.

Ceremony of Surprise aftermathAfter­math of a game of Cer­e­mo­ny of Surprise

On Tues­day I went over all the copy in Saba and adjust­ed it as per the last review of the client. Speak­ing of copy, did I men­tion the game is called Beesten­bende? It rough­ly trans­lates “Ani­mal Mess” but could also mean “Bunch of Ani­mals”. I’ll talk about the con­nec­tion between the name and the game’s play some oth­er time. On Mon­day I head­ed over to the muse­um again, and most­ly went over details relat­ing to our deliv­ery, accep­tance test­ing and the sub­se­quent sub­mis­sion to the App Store.

In between some time went into a meet­ing with a poten­tial client for an orga­ni­za­tion­al change game. This took place on Thurs­day, and I pre­pared for it with an old-fash­ioned prop­er con­fer­ence call on Mon­day. The next step is to share some ideas and see if they’d be inter­est­ed in receiv­ing a prop­er offer.

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