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Week 152

Let’s see what hap­pened last week shall we?

I know I’ve been say­ing that we’re close to fin­ish­ing Beesten­bende for a while now. But we’re close. Hon­est. Me and Alper did some dot­ting of Is and cross­ing of Ts. We now have an actu­al release client.

On Tues­day I had lunch with the Niels ‘t Hooft, the very mod­el of a plugged in games jour­nal­ist. We talked about how our plans for world dom­i­na­tion over­lapped and found sev­er­al new oppor­tu­ni­ties for work togeth­er. This might include project SAKE. We also talked about my new­found love for build­ing bicy­cles.1

Through­out the week I spent some time sketch­ing out the talk on PLAY Pilots for Virtueel Plat­for­m’s Dutch E‑culture Days. To this end I went over the copi­ous doc­u­men­ta­tion on the PLAY Pilots blog and was remind­ed of all the hard work done by those involved and the fun we had back then. Good times.

For BUTA, I spent a morn­ing with Irene mess­ing around with beam­ers and cam­eras to fig­ure out what would be a good match for a pig pen.

And to round things off I met up with Dirk Jr. in Ams­ter­dam to spend a rainy Fri­day after­noon work­ing on SAKE. There was lots of wav­ing hands and wild-eyed think­ing aloud. But we man­aged to write down some first prin­ci­ples that will guide us through the rest of the design. I head­ed back to Utrecht with a stack of old Gids edi­tions on loan from Dirk as I need to brush up on my Dutch lit­er­a­ture.2

  1. Niel­s’s side of the sto­ry can be read in these wee­knotes. []
  2. For var­i­ous rea­sons, most of what I read is in Eng­lish. []
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