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Week 220

Last Mon­day Kars hand­ed over the run­ning engage­ments to me and tied up some loose ends for ASARI and SABA before jump­ing on a plane to NYC. He’s there for a week of sight-see­ing with his love­ly wife before I fol­low him for work.

That left me with a pro­duc­tive week where I inte­grat­ed the design for AJI into some­thing we should be able to shoot a movie of in New York. I was sup­posed to see the results on our brief for the RCA but Skype effec­tive­ly pre­vent­ed that from hap­pen­ing. I do hope to see them in the near future and maybe share some stuff.

I worked a bit on Beesten­bende coor­di­nat­ing the visu­al design of the iPad con­ver­sion and div­ing into the tech­ni­cal glitch­es that result­ed in the tran­si­tion­ing to iOS7. Almost every­thing is still work­ing but AVCap­ture­Ses­sions are a bit less for­giv­ing than they used to be forc­ing me to spend some time chas­ing a mem­o­ry leak.

For the rest I wrote some pro­pos­als and met with a bunch peo­ple at our Berlin office. I’ll be wrap­ping up work there today before I hop on a plane to NYC myself on Tues­day. There Kars and I will attend PRACTICE and meet as many inter­est­ing peo­ple as we can.

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