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Week 251

We kicked off this week on Tues­day fol­low­ing the extra-long Pen­te­cost week­end with a review of the work that lead up to Stand­ing’s launch at Media­mat­ic. After tak­ing stock of the way it was received, we strate­gised a bit and set­tled on a direc­tion for the next few iter­a­tions. We drew up a list of things to work on for the next sprint, and decid­ed to low­er the pace a bit; two-week iter­a­tions in stead of one.

Standing course at Take a Stand

On Fri­day we had anoth­er ses­sion specif­i­cal­ly look­ing at a new visu­al design Simon has come up with for the app. This will be a huge improve­ment over the cur­rent “place­hold­er” design and I can’t wait to start imple­ment­ing it in Xcode.

Anoth­er thing which took up con­sid­er­able amounts of my atten­tion this week was a lec­ture for the region­al divi­sion of the “Beter Benut­ten” plat­form, which works to improve mobil­i­ty nation-wide. Their focus has shift­ed from improv­ing infra­struc­ture to “behav­iour change” so I head­ed over to share our approach to this, going over such things as the COM‑B sys­tem, Sebas­tian’s MAO mod­el, strate­gic design and lots of exam­ples of inno­v­a­tive projects in the mobil­i­ty space.

We closed off the week with a hang­out with Sub­alekha to go over the results from mine and Alper’s playtests of KEGANI. The direc­tion this is head­ed looks promis­ing so we’ve com­mit­ted to doing anoth­er iter­a­tion of the rules and playtest­ing again, which should hap­pen over the course of the next two weeks.

In between we had a num­ber of meet­ings con­nect­ed to pos­si­ble new projects and also sent out a cou­ple of pro­pos­als. The amount of inter­est we’re get­ting from all sorts of fields is very heart­en­ing. It’s one of those phas­es in the stu­dio’s life cycle where there is a ton of poten­tial new stuff up in the air and we are wait­ing for some­thing to coa­lesce into definitiveness.

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