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Week 316

Anoth­er week large­ly tak­en up by Free Birds. The whole team (Alper, Tim, Niels and myself) worked togeth­er on fin­ish­ing anoth­er release, which we did with only a small bit of over­time on Fri­day. With each sprint we learn more about the intri­ca­cies of Uni­ty’s UI sys­tem.

We also deliv­ered a spec and a bud­get for TEDASUKE, which the client will use to back up a grant appli­ca­tion for the pro­duc­t’s devel­op­ment. We used a list of user sto­ries as a light-weight spec­i­fi­ca­tion. To arrive at a bud­get we then assigned a size esti­mate to each sto­ry (using t‑shirt sizes) and for each size we assigned an aver­age amount of hours for the dis­ci­plines involved. The whole process was rel­a­tive­ly pain­less but did yield the required amount of detail.

In the lead up to Lekha’s pres­ence at XOXO we updat­ed the Bycatch web­site with a link to our artist state­ment and an endorse­ment from Lea Schön­felder. Per­haps most sig­nif­i­cant­ly, we qui­et­ly switched to charg­ing our cus­tomers in dol­lars in stead of euros, for var­i­ous rea­sons too bor­ing to go into here.

I updat­ed the page for Cam­parc in our port­fo­lio to include the excel­lent video made by Syl­van of our run at STRP this year. I also added a descrip­tion of how the whole thing works now, as well as some more photos.

And final­ly, on the week­end Alper vis­it­ed some new spots for an upcom­ing update of Cup­pings.

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