Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 319

Not much to report this week.

For Free Birds we made plans for the next sprint, writ­ing user sto­ries and groom­ing our back­log. We hope to start the work on this soon.

For TEDASUKE I had a final meet­ing with our client SodaPro­duc­ties and talked through their next steps with them, in par­tic­u­lar what to look out for when hir­ing an agency.

I final­ly got around to writ­ing up the work we did on Cam­parc. It was fun going through the archives and see­ing all the effort put in by the team. It was hard to boil it down to 1000 words, but I managed.

On the social front, I went over the the annu­al Dutch indie games exhi­bi­tion ‘Indi­go’ to catch up with friends from that scene and to get a feel for the state of the art. In my opin­ion Cha­lo Cha­lo, Met­ri­co+ and Unfat­ed lead the pack.

In Utrecht, the week was closed off drinks at the month­ly Vecht­club XL ‘bierk­lub’, soak­ing up the final rays of sun on what was prob­a­bly one of the last love­ly evenings of the pro­longed indi­an sum­mer we’ve been having.

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