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Week 214

While I was com­ing down from my cold, Kars spent the week criss­cross­ing the Nether­lands attend­ing meet­ings of var­i­ous kinds. One such meet­ing was about the future of edu­ca­tion in a tru­ly idyl­lic loca­tion pic­tured below.

Today's office.

ASARI is in its final phase, run­ning through spread­sheets to see how the design will work out with real world num­bers. SANMA is gain­ing momen­tum with us just hav­ing processed the ini­tial brief pack­age and com­ing up with a gen­er­al idea what it is we would like to work on. It is nice to see the ebb and flow of these con­sult­ing engagements.

Kars also went to the HKU to be inter­viewed for the Dutch Design Week and to Rot­ter­dam to vis­it Pony Design Club and attend This Hap­pened – Rot­ter­dam #2 orga­nized by our dear friends. He says:

WORM is an awe­some space (fit­ted with reused air­plane inte­ri­or pan­els) and the talks were good. I par­tic­u­lar­ly liked Drone It Your­self. The cre­ator said for a peri­od any object sparked the ques­tion ‘will it fly?’ ”

He also vis­it­ed Indi­go, to catch up with the Dutch games scene and then on the week­end he went to Hil­ver­sum again to be on Pavlov, a Dutch radio show by NTR about human behav­iour. The show is online for you to lis­ten to. I think it is very valu­able to have a design­er offer a prac­ti­cal counter-point to the sci­en­tists who are usu­al­ly fea­tured in these kind of programmes.

As I said I had been sick for a week and spent the end of the week prepar­ing my talk for Retune 2013, a cre­ative tech­nol­o­gy con­fer­ence orga­nized by good friends with a very diverse group of speak­ers (see below a pic­ture of Sascha Pohlflepp pre­sent­ing on sci­ence fic­tion and his amaz­ing work). I will be writ­ing a bit about my talk this week and I hope to share the record­ing some­time soon.

Sascha Pohlflepp kicking it off with science fiction #retune13

And I got a nice draw­ing of it from Anna Lena Schiller:

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