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Week 128

Lots of different things going on this week. It’s a bit messy at the moment with projects needing to be wrapped up while new ones are already starting up. But we’re making progress nonetheless. Let’s do a quick per-project rundown.

I spent some time early this week with Frank to discuss productional details for the games I selected for Tweetakt Festival. It’s always interesting figuring out what the most suitable way of presenting interactive work is. Later this week, the program was announced and I posted a quick overview of what you’ll be able to play. A few more might be added to this list.

Pig Chase got some more attention from domestic media this week with a nice article in Dutch newspaper NRC.1 I also worked with Irene on reviewing the first set of blog posts I’d written and planning more, which I will hopefully get around to writing at the start of next week.

On the Saba front: Hanne, Karel and I visited the museum and received a tour from the museum’s educator of the room we’ll be initially designing for, an awesome cabinet of curiosities. We spent time doing preliminary design and I did some more project management type things (budgets, planning, etc.)

I also worked with Karel on getting the materials for Galaxy Tours ready for their final touches. And I sat down and wrote a first draft of the rules, which is always a challenge. Writing clear rules is hard.

In between all this I managed to discuss preparations for the next This happened with Alexander and Ianus (stay tuned for the announcement in a few weeks). The group chat for our Global Game Jam Berlin posse was also abuzz with discussions about how to best set up Unity for rapid development and group collaboration. And Arjen published a nice article on his experience working on Katsuo.

And finally, at the end of today, I ran another playtest of Hamachi, a party game I’m making with Tim Bosje. I was pleasantly surprised by the response it got. We’ve identified a few rules changes and will do another round of testing, and then it might just be ready for writing, graphic design and publishing. We already made plans for the next game.

  1. I did receive a bit too much credit in this article. From reading it you might conclude I am the sole designer of the game, which is not the case. At least as much credit goes to my colleagues Irene and Hein. []
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