Week 182

On Monday Alper got good news about our submission to the gamification research network workshop at CHI. Our position paper was accepted, which means we’ll be there to contribute to the discussion. Alper has promised me he’ll talk a bit more about our submission here soon.

Meanwhile that same day, I spent some time fine tuning the physical prototype for HIRAME, which we’d come up with the week before.

At it again. Prototyping HIRAME this time.

Tuesday, Alper worked on SAKE. He’s been working down a long list of improvements to make before we can push out the release client a few weeks from now.

I prepared and subsequently ran a HIRAME workshop together with Herman on site at the client. We played through the prototype and from the responses we got it looks like we’re at least headed in the right direction. I love being able to play some version of an initial idea with clients at such an early stage. Afterwards, the character of all conversations immediately changes, because people can all of a sudden imagine themselves playing it. Nothing else can evoke a player experience as effectively.

On Wednesday Alper continued work on SAKE. Also, Niels published his first Recess! post. After Alper’s initial salvo on Proteus, we’re now deep in fairytale country with Niels’ rumination on Ni No Kuni.1

That day, I spent some time sketching for FURAPPA, exploring design implications of the various ideas Alper and I came up with earlier.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of Simon’s company at the studio again. We were joined by Alper over (an amazingly stable) Google+ hangout. Together, we put in some serious work on SAKE. I’m really enjoying the way were all working in the same code base—myself mocking up UIs in HTML just lightly peppered with Bootstrap markup, Simon going in and applying his graphic design magic using LESS and finally Alper hooking everything up to the Django app. We’re collaboratively shaping the game, continuously playing with it using the local versions running on our machines. I would not trade this way of working for any regimented kind of ‘traditional’ design process I can think of. It is more effective, and more fun.

Team SAKE hard at work

Alper published Watersnake on Saturday, which is the fruit of his labor during Swhack Berlin. Watersnake is a Django app that does “majority voting on single proposals with support for delegation”. It is partly inspired by Liquid Democracy and to me represents an interesting area of future research—applying game design and creative software engineering to issues around decision making and governance.

Finally, on Saturday & Sunday I prepared a lecture for second year TU Delft industrial design students, about the design process behind Beestenbende, which serves as an introduction to interaction design. And I also edited my Gameful World chapter, which is now in its third iteration and close to being submitted for a peer review.

Meanwhile, back in Berlin, Alper played boardgames…

King of Tokyo - awesome game if you're into monsters (and who isn't?)

  1. This week I’m up, so keep an eye out for that over at Kitsune. []
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