Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 188

Belated weeknotes! I blame the long Easter weekend, and the switch to daylight saving time. Let’s keep it short shall we?

Alper spent most of the week hacking away at KAIGARA, which is shaping up nicely. He also put some finishing touches on SAKE, which is going to kick off next week! Sign up for that if you haven’t yet and feel like some ludic collaborative writing.

Really digging the Victory Boogie Woogie character portraits

The papers submitted to the Designing Gamification workshop at CHI 2013 have been published—including our own modest contribution. Alper will be there to participate in the discussion on April 28. I hear he’s looking forward to it.

Myself, I have also been very busy juggling project manager and interaction design duties on KAIGARA, with the occasional bit of game design thrown in the mix. I look forward to sharing our work on this, but that will have to wait until later.

Somehow I did manage to squeeze in a quick Recess! post on my love for boardgames and how I use them as design tools.

And with that it is back to work.

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