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Week 203

Last week got us into a good rhythm for our summer engagements. A quick slice from our current stack.

Kars prepared and facilitated the second workshop for ASARI where tons of sketching resulted in a roughly final concept which can go up for presentation before the start of the first design and development sprint. Kars and I also brainstormed a bunch of fun games to add to the final product to give it that elusive fun factor but still keep the necessary broad appeal. Some of these are really extremely fun and I hope they make it into the final site. Kars sketched these out for presentation in the next session.

We’re approaching the next workshop session for SAME and preparing for that by getting more context information from the client. SAME revolves around a very challenging problem for a very large company but at the same time we are also getting a lot of freedom to work in and contribute our bit to the solution. Very exciting stuff and I hope to be able to share stuff from that here at some point.

We shipped the new version of Beestenbende to the Universiteitsmuseum and we look forward to seeing their reactions on the simplified game flow.

AJI is a new project where we will be making things to explore the social issues we treated in presentations over the past years. We find that the approach that best fits with our sensibilities is to deliver stuff that does something. This means prototypes, games or products that generate the experiences we want to convey. We sketched out the screens for this app and it should go into development next week.

I am going to be presenting on this year’s Retune, preferably on AJI but I think our recent approach to creative consulting as well as our principles for creating games are also germane. It is going to be lovely and it is organized by some very nice people, so if you’re in Berlin then you should get a ticket.

Kars reviewed Perceptor’s upcoming puzzle art game. We’re not really fans of puzzle games, but we can tell if something is well made (not that we expected any different from these guys). Look for this to be in an app store near you soon.

Studio resident Sander trying to crack one of the puzzles in Perceptor's upcoming art game. It's fiendishly difficult and I'm not the biggest puzzle game fan so you can imagine my frustration during playtesting. (In other words, it's good and I'm sure it

Kars iterated the KOHI coffee tasting game prototype and did a playtest on it. We’re trying to demystify the coffee tasting experience and create a fun experience where you help each other refine your palates. Coffee is an ongoing interest of ours and we hope to use this game to improve coffee tasting for ourselves and others.

Coffee tasting game playtest aftermath. Me and Sander had quite comparable tastes.

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