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Week 225

Last week was filled with high intensity ideation for which Kars was present at our Berlin outpost at KANT. We filled the week with hard work and refueled on the great food available near our studio on Oranienstraße.

Kars at Work

I visited the Berlin IoT meetup on Monday before picking up Kars from the airport. We spent Monday going over the details for both KAZUNOKO and CHUTORO and preparing the braistorming.

For the rest of the week we did our flow of ideation, concept development and sketching in turns for CHUTORO and KAZUNOKO. We have client meetings this week for both of them in Germany and the Netherlands. For the sketching we use the methods in Buxton’s brilliant Sketching User Experiences. Source material was acted out on the streets of Kreuzberg, photographed and subsequently drawn on top of.

In between things we also pushed out a final update for the iPad version of Beestenbende and launched the Cuppings coffee tasting game that we had been working on for a while. You can read the write-up here and print out the cards to play it yourself. We’re pleased with the interest it got and we would love to hear what you think of it.

Playing the Cuppings coffee tasting game at The Village

In the evenings we dropped by a sauerkraut flashmob, drinks with a bunch of friendly iOS programmers and a Weihnachtsfeier as is customary in Berlin this season.


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