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Week 286

We made some good progress on several projects this week. The big one is Home Rule. Alper and I kicked it off with some planning for the next two weeks. Then we immediately started cracking on things. Alper got a prototyping setup in Unity up and running, including iBeacons integration, and proceeded to do some “material exploration“. Meanwhile I did some preliminary game design, outlining mechanics and imagining a player’s experience when going through a full game loop.

On the Bycatch front, we had to fix a little problem affecting some customers when they tried to make a purchase. All should be functioning properly again, so why not go an grab yourself a copy?

Alper wrapped up his review of an interview by Dude about his motley career, and had some rather dashing portrait photos taken for publication alongside it.

Alper also presented on Bycatch and our approach to playful design at IXDS.

I prepared and ran a workshop on playful design for a group of students following a minor in exhibition direction at Reinwardt Academy. We redesigned Peggy Guggenheim’s famous Art of This Century gallery to be more playful than it already was, and in the process got some experience with physical prototyping and playtesting. All in less than 2,5 hours.

Playful exhibition design workshop at Reinwardt Academy

On the project KUMA front, we received and processed feedback from KLM on the first round of mockups, and I spent some time with Tim going over all of it and making a plan for the required adjustments in the second round, which we’ll deliver in rough storyboards first.

I spent some time researching the 4G offerings of the major mobile operators in NL for Camparc Mark II. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Vodafone offers monthly contracts for data sims. In theory this should suit our needs perfectly so the next step is to test one in the field. If all goes well our Camparc balls will be able to roam the city absolutely free, which would be glorious.

And on Friday, I headed over to Aldo‘s laboratory to review the first Camparc Mark II development sprint. Quite a few structural improvements had been made despite delayed delivery of various parts. Getting a live demo of all the nice little details and making plans for the next sprint was a lovely way to end a productive week.

SD card protector on Camparc Mark II

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