Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 288

I was joined by Alper in the Utrecht studio again this week. With all that’s going on in NL at the moment it’s nice to have him on site a little more frequently.

One of the things we did was start the second sprint on SHACHI. Alper and Tim worked together on the alpha version of the game with some guidance from me. It involved a lot of tweaking of our prototyping setup in Unity, which was convenient to do while co-present. For the remainder of the sprint they will try to convert my very simple physical prototype into something digital. We will iterate from there. In addition, art styles were explored and iBeacons were selected and purchased.

Prototyping Home Rule

I was present at the kick-off of project BANKEN with the client and the rest of the team, which is collection of different small companies each specialising in a part of the product. Hubbub is consulting on this. We’ll be doing some design direction and some prototyping. Later in the week I did some thinking about how to best approach this.

I did some copy writing for Camparc Mark II and I headed over to Aldo’s workshop on Friday to review the penultimate sprint. I got to admire more nifty 3D printed parts, such as the tape cable protector below.

Tape cable protector part

Alper, Lekha and I discussed Bycatch‘s pricing at length. After much tweaking of a spreadsheet we were suitably fried but we had determined a course forward. We also reviewed a storyboard for a promotional video. Once we have that in hand, we’ll be in a good place to officially launch.

Other project work included Alper doing some thinking about SHIJIMI’s concept visualisation, and us delivering the final batch of KUMA mockups to the client.

On the people front, we had a long overdue chat with Joris, catching up on our work and exploring things we might do in the coming period. Arjen also dropped by to share his experiences at Knutepunkt.

And finally, I blogged a review of Play Matters and we were very pleased with a comprehensive item on Deutschlandradio Kultur about Bycatch.

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