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Week 185

We’re host­ing a run of Code 4 these weeks which is prov­ing to be stim­u­lat­ing. All in all we’re rather hap­py how well the project is hold­ing up. For a two year old code­base, it does­n’t show much vis­i­ble signs of aging at all.

For KAIGARA we got the team filled out accord­ing to our heist method­ol­o­gy. Con­spir­a­tors old and new will tack­le this project which should keep most of the stu­dio hum­ming for the first half of 2013.

We’ve been writ­ing and sketch­ing every­thing up for deliv­ery on FURAPPA. One of the series of game con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion projects pass­ing through the studio.

SAKE is being vet­ted now by De Gids (you can sign up for launch). As an intro­duc­tion we asked the bril­liant James Bri­dle to write a piece about lit­er­a­ture and games for the mag­a­zine which was trans­lat­ed and published:

Reading @jamesbridle in Dutch

Niels wrote the fifth Recess! and knocked that one straight out of the park. I was expect­ing some­thing like this to hap­pen dur­ing this ser­i­al, but this is way ahead of my most opti­mistic pro­jec­tions. Kars is up this week and our expec­ta­tions are high.

Kars went to Mov­ing Sto­ries on Fri­day to give a talk about game design for muse­ums and to mod­er­ate a pan­el. We love to work in this field but we still find ample mis­con­cep­tions about how to apply games in a muse­al con­text. Kars’s talk is one more step towards fix­ing this (online soon).

My blurb on gam­i­fi­ca­tion for TNW Mag­a­zine was pub­lished online for eas­i­er perusal.

Dur­ing the week­end Kars had a game night which I’m afraid I missed, but I gath­ered with Berlin friends on Sun­day to have a NotAt­SxSW BBQ din­ner.

Candidates for tonight's 6-player board game session.

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