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Week 261

The view from the perch

I have just returned from the Alps this week­end and direct­ly trav­elled to the Nether­lands to do some after hol­i­day catch­ing up with Kars.

Stand­ing is pro­gress­ing very nice­ly thanks to Simon’s hard work. We’ll be ready to launch the redesigned app and web­site soon. We’ve been in talks about mak­ing a game about cam­era sur­veil­lance and we cri­tiqued a for­mat for a TV show in development.

Camparc ball

Most of the rest of the week was spent on Cam­parc which has pro­gressed nice­ly since last I saw it. We demoed it suc­cess­ful­ly to the client and shot a teas­er video of the balls them­selves for your enjoy­ment. A crazy con­cept (huge balls with cam­eras in them) turns out to be real­ly awe­some when you actu­al­ly build it.

Stielman coffee packaging

In cof­fee relat­ed news, the Utrecht stu­dio has pro­cured a cof­fee sub­scrip­tion from new Rot­ter­dam based roast­er Stiel­man which we high­ly recommend.

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