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Week 130

Work last week happened in the few days squeezed between my return from Berlin, where I participated in the Global Game Jam, and my trip to Dublin, to attend and speak at Interaction12.

There was forward movement on Saba, with Karel making progress on the art style, and Hanne banging out a player scenario raising many interesting issues. We’re going to merge everything for a client presentation on Wednesday of this week.

Galaxy Tours took another step towards completion. I worked with Erwin to complete the map that is designed by my brother Ties at BUROPONY. We had to place all the locations on it, which isn’t the most intellectually challenging task but does take a lot of care. We also collected all the stock photography we need to illustrate the location descriptions. The map has been sent to the printer and the design of the rest of the materials will finish this week. We’ll put the last bits of data into it, and then it’s all ready for presenting at a Noordhoff event next week.

The rest of the week I spent in Dublin for Interaction12, which was a good experience, mostly due to meeting old acquaintances and making new ones. Which is the point of these events of course. Wether it was in the shiny CCD conference venue, drinking cask whisky in the Stag’s Head, sipping champagne at the award ceremony, while having dinner with playful/persuasive designers in Bleu Bistro, or drinking pints of Guinness and enjoying the view from the Gravity Bar – the conversations and company were always stimulating. As far as the conference talks went, highlights included:

  • Anthony Dunne‘s collection of inspiring speculative design projects, and the accompanying frames for thinking about what makes for good practice in this field. Very relevant to our work on Pig Chase.
  • Jonas Löwgren‘s exposé of sketching and exploring as key ‘designerly’ ways of working. I can’t say how glad I am to see a keynote by an academic and educator that is so grounded in practice, and isn’t afraid to use “old” work as examples.
  • Sebastian Deterding’s comprehensive and authoritative presentation of a model for behavior change through design that is sensible and ethically sound.
  • Genevieve Bell‘s strong argument for reconsidering the way we’re inclined to relate to technology, that is often based on fear or an urge to be in control, which in turn makes technology needy. A better way would be to think of technologies as companions.

Together with Irene van Peer I presented on Pig Chase. We were programmed in the same time slot as Dan Saffer‘s humorous takedown of design thinking, so attendance wasn’t as high as it could’ve been. But we had a nice audience regardless and received many nice comments afterwards. I won’t post the talk, but instead will recommend the growing series of blog post on the project website. The last installment being about our use of mock advertisements.

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