Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 157

As I write this, I am sat in my second home The Village, sipping a nice cup of Costa Rica Monte Cadet.

Last week around this time, I was getting on a train at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, having just spent little under a week working with Alper and playing at Playpublik. Before my departure I squeezed in a standup via Skype with the team building the Pig Chase playable prototype. I spent the ride home doing a lot of writing, and some reading.

(As an aside, I should mention that around this time I also started my daily ritual of playing Vesper.5. To make sure I keep at it, I have set a recurring task in Things which links directly to the game. Here’s where I am at the moment.)

On Tuesday, I met with our friends at the Universiteitsmuseum to talk about the various PR things we need to take care of for Beestenbende’s launch. We’re making a promotional video, and are also creating artwork for the museum to use in various ways. Perhaps most excitingly, we might stick huge animals from the game on the museum’s glass facade. That will certainly draw visitors’ attention.

On Wednesday, the studio was graced with a visit from Simon, an occasional agent of Hubbub who was responsible for the graphic design of both PLAY Pilots and Code 4. Simon’s secret identity is film maker. He’s just shared the first frame from his upcoming stop motion animated short. It looks gorgeous. We talked about a possible collaboration on Sake, which looks likely to happen.

The fruits of some of that furious writing on the train back home were published on Thursday in the form of a post based on my World Design Capital Helsinki talk about PLAY Pilots. Virtueel Platform also published a video of the whole thing, as well as all of the other sessions that made up Dutch E-Culture Days.

That day I also had a very last round of meetings with the students whom I have been coaching at the Utrecht School of the Arts. We went over their preparations for final exams, which were scheduled for the next week.

And finally on Friday, I spent a bit of time writing up some ideas I had for Sake’s game design so that I could prototype them the next week. I also generated some ideas for a prospective client. I talked those over with Herman and wrote them up for review.

And that’s about it. To finish, I should mention I scheduled a game of Dungeon Petz. I’ve had the game on loan from my friends at Subcultures for a while now but haven’t had the chance to actually play it until now. It’s designed by Vlaada – Space Alert – Chvátil, so I have high expectations of it. If you feel like joining us, head over to the event page.

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