Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 191

Last week was the penultimate production week for KAIGARA during which I was present at the Utrecht studio for three days for the very essential facetime that cannot be replaced by Apple’s FaceTime even though it does come close.

Tuesday was a full day of work with the entire team at the Hubbub studio helmed by the fearless Kars:

Yesterday: team KAIGARA at the studio #latergram

Everything is coming together nicely and with most of the game already there, we were mostly busy adding assets and finalizing everything else. We also ran a playtest at the studio to explore some future mechanics:

Tim prepping for a KAIGARA playtest. Yes, those are tiny socks. #latergram

Wednesday was a similar day but then with the team working off-site. Kars also got around to publishing a bunch of stuff we have been cooking up.

First the Beestenbende movie with English subtitles so we can finally share this very nice game we made with an international audience:

We also published an interview with Studio Papaver about their game on population shrinkage we helped them with. Something like ‘World Without People’ but a bit less apocalyptic. In their words:

We specif­i­cally chose for an alter­nate real­ity game (ARG), because this game type puts an extra layer on top of real­ity. The game isn’t only being played in the ‘vir­tual world’, but also in the real, phys­i­cal world. The game ‘Leve de Krimp!’ (‘Let’s shrink!’) enables play­ers to expe­ri­ence their daily lives in a future where nobody antic­i­pated on the shrink­age of the pop­u­la­tion. So: play it before you live it!”

On Thursday Hubbub agent Arjen left for Knutepunkt. Kars and I have wanted to visit this Nordic Larp conference for a while now, but neither of us had the time this year to go. Arjen is a mainstay of the Dutch LARP scene so we thought he would benefit more from the experience and he agreed to be our eyes on the ground. I’ve collected his tweets over at Storify and there will be an in depth report here soon.

On Friday I took the train back to Berlin while Kars met with De Gids about the progress of (Your Daily) Victory Boogie Woogie. The game and story are crystallizing and it is becoming clear both for players and writers how to best play.

Saturday I wrote my belayed Recess! (the tenth of that already) and Kars played a bunch of games at Joris Dormans’s boardgame weekend. I am incredibly jealous especially of this bit of El Grande:

Board games I played last weekend: El Grande. #latergram

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