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Week 193

Last week while I was still in Paris (like Kars mentioned in the previous week’s notes) we launched the pilot for Ripple Effect. That was a moment where we saw the work of the past period come to fruition and exposed real players worldwide to the game. The game has held up very nicely but we are also learning a lot that we can improve which is exactly what a pilot is for.

I spent the day in Paris working at La Cantine, a solid testament to how portable our work infrastructure has become:

Back at the digital sweatshop

Victory Boogie Woogie is seeing a steady tricle of writing and we’re planning to push out some more updates on that.

On Wednesday night, the day before UIKonf in Berlin, there were a set of lightning talks where I went and presented Beestenbende from a mobile game design perspective. I had given a brief presentation previously on the technical aspects, but I think the most interesting part is how we got people to play a fun game in a museum.

Arjen published his massive missive on the lessons he brought back with him from this year’s Knutepunkt. If you haven’t read that yet, it is well worth checking out.

And also Kars played a bit of Le Havre which is a nice and complicated eurogame and I played Grit the dueling card game by Zach Gage:

The mess that is Le Havre (in a good way)

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