Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 197

A brief week for us this past one, I travelled to Utrecht to do some work at headquarters, give a talk and most importantly for Kars’s marriage. Kars’s week was a bit shorter than usual for the same reasons and while I am writing this he should be on a tropical island.

The studio will be humming along but with production on some projects having concluded and others just now in the post-signing phase, there is a small lull. The perfect time to get around to the other stuff that had been neglected.

Last week the notes from the meeting on social design at What Design Can Do were published in which Kars had participated (look for the notes starting with KA). I think that has become a nice overview of designing for a cause.

Last Friday there was a party for the writers and players of (your daily) Victory Boogie Woogie in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. This is week nine, so just two more weeks to get your pieces in.

Kars got married that same Friday and he took with him on his honeymoon an old concept as a prototype, ‘strictly to unwind with at the beach’ he assured me.


And in the same vein I played a bit of TAC:


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