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Week 251

We kicked off this week on Tuesday following the extra-long Pentecost weekend with a review of the work that lead up to Standing‘s launch at Mediamatic. After taking stock of the way it was received, we strategised a bit and settled on a direction for the next few iterations. We drew up a list of things to work on for the next sprint, and decided to lower the pace a bit; two-week iterations in stead of one.

Standing course at Take a Stand

On Friday we had another session specifically looking at a new visual design Simon has come up with for the app. This will be a huge improvement over the current “placeholder” design and I can’t wait to start implementing it in Xcode.

Another thing which took up considerable amounts of my attention this week was a lecture for the regional division of the “Beter Benutten” platform, which works to improve mobility nation-wide. Their focus has shifted from improving infrastructure to “behaviour change” so I headed over to share our approach to this, going over such things as the COM-B system, Sebastian’s MAO model, strategic design and lots of examples of innovative projects in the mobility space.

We closed off the week with a hangout with Subalekha to go over the results from mine and Alper’s playtests of KEGANI. The direction this is headed looks promising so we’ve committed to doing another iteration of the rules and playtesting again, which should happen over the course of the next two weeks.

In between we had a number of meetings connected to possible new projects and also sent out a couple of proposals. The amount of interest we’re getting from all sorts of fields is very heartening. It’s one of those phases in the studio’s life cycle where there is a ton of potential new stuff up in the air and we are waiting for something to coalesce into definitiveness.

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