Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 293

Last week Kars did lots of work on BANKEN creating among other things a prototype in Marvel of the interactive video. Based on preliminary results that seems to be consolidating the design for the project.

Kars briefed the people from Hacking Habitat how they can run our workshop format Playing with Rules at their first life hack marathon. Hacking Habitat is an incredibly ambitious event about systems and society and we’re proud that they want to do this.

My desk

I spent the entire Monday moving my stuff out of storage and into my new office. It took part of the next day as well but KANT 2.0 is finally up and running. I’ll be working back on Oranienstraße at the Aufbau Haus, a building teeming with organizations and happenings. We share a fairly large space with our friends of Syspons and on a clear day we have a view on the Fernsehturm.

The rest of the week Hedgefield and I spent sketching the new direction of SHACHI with support from Kars (who was otherwies tied up with BANKEN). We are undertaking a fairly ambitious pivot of the concept but we think that the end result is going to be worth it. By the end of the (short) week we had something that we think we can implement during the rest of the sprint.

Bycatch was played during the Apple tv show OMT LIVE about privacy thanks to our Ianus Keller and Hans de Zwart. You can see them enacting a surveillance action over on the VOD.

The profile that dude, the Dutch designers’ magazine wrote up on my colourful career as an engineer/designer came out. It was prompted by Bycatch but it happens to treat most of the stuff I’ve done at Hubbub over the past half decade. I haven’t had the physical thing in my hands yet but friends say it is great. I’d like to thank Viveka van de Vliet and Antony Sojka for working with me on this. Here’s a picture of the first spread.

Dude profile 1

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